Adequate Systems

Hopefully Helpful Software

My career has been made possible by high-quality freeware generously developed by volunteers. I try to return the favor when I have ideas for easy-to-use, cross-platform utilities that ought to already exist. I prefer single-file executables (or .app bundles on Mac) when possible so they can be carried on a flash drive and don't require installers.

Flying Carpet


Wireless, encrypted file transfer over automatically configured ad hoc networking. No network infrastructure required (access point, router, switch). Just two laptops with wireless chips in close range. Don't have a flash drive? Don't have access to a wireless network or don't trust one? Need to move a file larger than 2GB between different filesystems but don't want to set up a file share? Try it out! Written mostly in Go.



Have you ever wanted to protect a file with a password and found it unnecessarily difficult to do so? Cloaker aims to provide the easiest, simplest file encryption possible. Just drop a file onto the window, set a password, and choose where to save it. To decrypt, drop the encrypted file on the window, enter the password, and choose the output location. (Tip: decrypt to a ramdisk for temporary use to avoid writing data to permanent storage.) Core written in Rust with a C++ Qt frontend.